Why Choose Tuna Fish Rent Guarantee?

  • Reason One: 100% of the rent is protected.
  • Reason Two: Full legal costs are covered for all breaches.
  • Reason Three: Rent paid for 15 months or until possession.
  • Reason Four: Attendance at court included.
  • Reason Five: Rent is paid even if the tenant fails to do so.
  • Reason Six: 75% of rent is paid up to 3 months after possession.

When tenants can't or won't pay, you are protected, not only from rent arrears but also from any tenancy breach.

The Tuna Fish Rent Guarantee is market leading and pays up to 15 months' rent should it become necessary. Also legal costs for the possession are also covered. The average lost rent and legal fees to evict a tenant totals over £9000, so this guarantee transfers the risk in these uncertain times of Covid-19, furlough and the rise in unemployment.

Tuna Fish covers you, your monthly income, for a very small amount, which can be paid monthly.

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