"I am very happy with Tuna Fish. I have lived in two of their properties over the last four years. Anything needs doing, they get it done." B. George

"I have rented from Tuna Fish since March 2019. Excellent. Flat is a lovely property, very well maintained." M. Fields

"Helpful, honest, good people." J. Kilfoyle

"Reliable and helpful. Always go the extra mile." P. Graham

"Tuna Fish can't do enough for me. So helpful and reliable." R. Lever

"If you need them they are there. They make you feel safe." J. Kavannagh

"The best letting agents I have ever been with." C. Leadbetter

"Always get things sorted, very helpful. Good landlords." E. Hannah

"Any jobs they are there within hours. If ever I move, it will be with Tuna Fish." B. Woods

"100% happy, lovely flat, clean and well maintained building." Michael

"Stress free dealings. Professional and approachable." K. Clarke

"Amazing landlord, very well maintained flat, at the end of the phone 24/7. The service is very good. Good other tenants (All clearly vetted). Land around well maintained." M. Corner


"My wife and I acquired our unit in the Egerton in 2013, before the building had even been converted into individual apartments.

We made a special trip to Liverpool to view the property and met with the director who explained how the work was progressing, as well as giving an explanation as to how they would manage the rental on our behalf through his company Tuna Fish Property.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have relied on Dom and his team as we reside in faraway South Africa. It is very reassuring for us that Tuna Fish conduct regular inspections of the property and handle the rental collections efficiently and other matters professionally.

We can highly recommend Tuna Fish to handle your property investment in the same manner."

SHD, South Africa

"Tuna Fish have looked after my three rental flats for over five years and I am very happy with their efficiency and feedback."

C Strong, London

"I recently changed agents to Tuna Fish as they were recommended by other investors. I've been so impressed with Dominic and his team, especially when it comes to communication and making me feel like I am a valued client. To top it off, it took them 12 days to get my property rented!! So glad I chose Tuna Fish. My previous two Liverpool agents were appalling!"

S Tan, Birmingham

The company has purchased seven properties through Tuna Fish.

Two in L3, one in L9, two in L13, one in L34 and one in WA9. We bought the first one 8 years ago and have added since as the opportunities have arisen with the latest purchase in 2020.

We are extremely happy with our investments and the manner in which they are let and managed by Tuna Fish and we have no hesitation recommending their services."

A private limited company based in UK