Buy to Let for non-UK Residents

  • Reason One: Leading Experts in Buy to Let Liverpool and Wirral
  • Reason Two: Strong and Growing Non-UK Resident Client Base
  • Reason Three: Focussed On Increasing Your Net Returns
  • Reason Four: Experienced Managing Long-Distance Relationships
  • Reason Five: Manage Investment Companies/Pension Portfolios
  • Reason Six: All Administration is Handled By Our Virtual Office
  • Reason Seven: A Relationship Built On Trust
  • Reason Eight: Access To Director Level Advice Anytime

Buy to Let for non-UK Residents

Your Trusted Partner in the UK

Tuna Fish acts for a diverse client base, many of whom are non-UK residents. Our overseas clients include investors from South Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UAE, India, Pakistan, Mauritius, France amongst others. We have been doing this for many years and are highly experienced in ensuring that overseas clients feel they have a reliable representative in the UK who acts with integrity and has their investment success at the top of its priorities.​ Your success is our success.

Trust is paramount and we pride ourselves on our excellent track record. We have many clients that have remained with us for years after buying properties from us, who continue to work with us to let and manage their properties. A significant number of our existing clients continue to invest and grow their portfolios with us.

Delivering Market Leading Buy to Let Properties in Liverpool and Wirral

Crucial to success in property investment is receiving the right advice at the start to ensure your goals are achieved. Many overseas investors are looking for a good monthly income and the safety and security of UK property, which is world renowned. Tuna Fish is here is advise and hold your hand throughout the entire buying, letting and property management process.

You have many priorities at home and do not want to be burdened with the day to day management of a property in the UK. At Tuna Fish, we understand that, and you can rely on us to manage the property as if it's one of our own. In many cases, we own properties in the same blocks as our investors. They call it putting your money where you mouth is. There's no better example of commitment and believing in the product, when you buy it yourself.

"My wife and I acquired our unit in the Egerton in 2013, before the building had even been converted into individual apartments.

We made a special trip to Liverpool to view the property and met with the director who explained how the work was progressing, as well as giving an explanation as to how they would manage the rental on our behalf through his company Tuna Fish Property.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have relied on Dom and his team as we reside in faraway South Africa. It is very reassuring for us that Tuna Fish conduct regular inspections of the property and handle the rental collections efficiently and other matters professionally.

We can highly recommend Tuna Fish to handle your property investment in the same manner."

SHD, South Africa