Distressed Assets

Undoubtedly, the current property market in the UK and Liverpool in particular suits the astute Liverpool buy-to-let investor and developer looking for bargains among Distressed Assets

A distressed asset is an asset that is under financial distress or is likely to be sold at a price below its market value due to the financial difficulties of its owner. Distressed assets can be tangible assets, such as property or machinery, or intangible assets, such as patents or intellectual property.

Tuna Fish Liverpool property sourcing service acquires distressed assets for clients.

Distressed assets typically result from situations where the owner cannot meet their financial commitments, such as loan repayments, or has filed for bankruptcy. This can result in the assets being sold quickly to recover some of the debts owed, often at a discounted price.

Investors often target distressed assets as an investment opportunity because they can be purchased at a lower price than their intrinsic value, with the potential to generate significant returns when the assets are resold at a higher price. Alternatively, in the case of property, they can be refinanced if wished and held for the long-term, generating income or developed.

Many buy-to-let property investors living overseas have financial issues relating to Covid-19 lockdowns, as many countries needed to have the generous furlough payments we had in the UK. Consequently, many have to raise cash to replenish savings to finance their living expenses.

These situations present a win, win situation for both buyer and seller. One wants a deal, the other a guaranteed quick sale.

Off-Market Property Deals

Tuna Fish Property has several off-market property deals which we direct towards our retained clients. We do not advertise them. By definition, off-market means just that. A deal is brokered between one seller and one buyer. It is not announced.

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