Right to Manage Liverpool

Take Back Control of Costs, Increase the Resale Value of Your Liverpool Property

The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 is legislation provides an opportunity for apartment owners (leaseholders), to manage their own affairs and to make decisions about the management and maintenance of their property, including building insurance, maintenance, improvements, external areas, such as gardens and the overall service charge. This process is called Right to Manage (RTM).

Many service charges are excessive and in some cases the services are sub-standard or not provided at all. If your property is let, then your net income per month is reduced with high, unnecessary fees and whether you are an owner occupier or buy-to-let investor, the resale value of your property will be negatively impacted with high service charges.

On a recent RTM, we reduced the service charge insurance premium from £12,000 per annum to just under £4,000, a saving of £8,000!

The Freeholder's Consent is Not Required For Right to Manage

The freeholder's consent is not required for RTM. There is no requirement to prove mismanagement by the freeholder or the current managing agent to gain the right to manage. Essentially, it means that lessees (via an RTM Company) have control of day-to-day affairs. You do not have to this yourself. Tuna Fish has extensive experience managing buildings across Liverpool and Wirral and can do it for you whilst reducing service charges and increasing value. The services will include, but not confined to:

  • All aspects of fire safety - fire risk assessment, fire alarm maintenance and weekly testing, emergency lighting testing and maintenance.
  • Building and public liability insurance.
  • Emergency callouts.
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Utilities management, including the internet where applicable.
  • Collection of service charges, annual accounting (and audit, where applicable).

How can Tuna Fish help?

We have experience of organising leaseholders and achieving the 50% required to act and take back control of the management of a building in Liverpool and Wirral. In some cases, we have achieved 100% of the leaseholders. With our legal team, Tuna Fish can offer a very competitive fixed fee for all participating leaseholders and then manage the building on your behalf once the action is successful.

Our mission is quite simple:

1. Reduce the level of service charge and increase value. Manage the building safely (specifically with fire safety) and ensure that owner occupiers and tenants (where applicable) have repairs and maintenance issues addressed swiftly.
2. As a result of 1. Increase the resale value of your property.

Please contact us today and we will help. Even if it is just you who is unhappy, we can assure you there will be many others and we can make this work.

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