Liverpool Property Investment

Why invest in Liverpool Property?

Liverpool is a city in the north west of England and has for many years been a favourite destination for buy-to-let property investors, both from the UK and overseas. Liverpool has relatively low property prices and the rental yields are some of the highest in the country. Liverpool is a very accessible property investment market and opportunities in 2023 are plentiful. Liverpool often takes its place in the top 10 cities in the UK in which to invest, and indeed Bootle (L20) has been voted the number one investment choice for 2023.

How much is a buy to let property investment in Liverpool?

Property prices vary, depending on size and location, but you can invest for under £100,000 and in many cases much lower than that, as the recent examples on this page testify. The best place to buy properties is through property auctions as the value exceeds that found in private treaty sales via estate agents. This is not to say bargain properties cannot be purchased through an estate agent, but opportunities at auction are much better, the transaction is more transparent and you cannot be gazumped.

Liverpool Property Investment

Where to invest in Liverpool in 2023?

There are many new build apartments in Liverpool city centre, some of which will see lower prices in 2023 and may present an opportunity, but the seasoned buy to let investor is buying freehold houses in postcodes such as L4, L7, L9, L13, L20 and L21. There are other postcodes of interest and the property deal will generally outweigh the location, as many areas in Liverpool are excellent rental locations.

Is Liverpool a good place to invest in property?

There is huge investment in Liverpool by the central government and by private companies. From the regeneration of the docks, with the new Everton FC football stadium being built, to the expansion of routes from John Lennon airport and the increasing cruise terminal traffic, business, commerce and tourism is growing. Demand for housing is such, that houses are not on the market long and have plenty of competition from tenants pushing up rents. Undoubtedly, Liverpool is one of the best cities in the UK for buy-to-let property investment.

Liverpool Property Investment

How is the rental market in Liverpool?

The rental market in Liverpool in 2023 is strong. Rents are rising by 10% or more in some areas outside the city centre, and rental yields are in excess of 10% on freehold houses purchased at auction.

What are the letting agents fees in Liverpool?

Letting agents fees vary, as they do in any other city or town in the UK. It's best to compare letting agent fees and study the contract for any hidden costs or tie-ins. You can get an excellent full-management service for about 8% and a fully referenced tenant find for £149 through Tuna Fish Property.

What about renovation and refurbishment of investment property in Liverpool?

Companies like Tuna Fish Property have an excellent team that can quote on any refurbishment or renovation project you may have.

Liverpool Property Investment

Are repossessed properties a good investment?

Sadly, during difficult economic times, banks repossess properties when borrowers fail to keep up with mortgage payments. Repossessed houses for sale in Liverpool present excellent buy to let investment opportunities for the savvy investor.

Companies like Tuna Fish Property source these types of bargain properties for investors. There are recent examples on this website.

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