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"I bought my first-ever BRRR deal with Dom in October 2023. I found him via his website and felt drawn to the concept of truly BMV properties. Dom was so helpful throughout the process. He viewed the property for me, secured the price pre-auction, and helped me throughout the conveyancing and insurance process. I bought the property for £75,000 and just got it revalued at £115,000 after 6 months, a 50%+ return. I've not done any work to the property, and the existing tenant is long-term and has looked after the property well.

I highly recommend Dom's services. As a London-based investor, it's so useful to have that local expertise in Liverpool and someone on the ground to view, make offers, and have pre-existing relationships with the auction houses. Once I refinance and build up some capital, I'll definitely be back!

K.P. (London)

Retail v Wholesale Property Investment

There are no great deals in estate agents' windows or on Rightmove or Zoopla. Retail investors buy properties at market value.

Wholesale investors buy distressed assets at prices significantly below market value. These are not found in the retail market but wholesale at auction, genuine off-market (beware of the 'off-market illusion'), receivers, administrators, probate, mortgagee in possession, bridging companies, etc...

Tuna Fish Property only sources property in the wholesale market, not retail, so the yields we present to clients are double digits and are market-beating.

Another recent example - Christmas 2023 - Burns Street L20

A great example from the 2nd Edition of Dominic Farrell's bestselling book.


  • Purchased for £65,000 in December 2023
  • Conservatively revalued for mortgage purposes only a few months later at £95,000, a capital appreciation of 46%. - No renovation or refurbishment required!
  • A large three-bedroom terraced house with a second-generation roof and external insulation.
  • A yield close to 14%
  • EPC C

Retail v Wholesale Property Investment

The examples on this page should guide you towards where the value is found. Tuna Fish Property and its sister company Distressed Assets can help you.

Tuna Fish Property can source properties in Liverpool for you, and we can also teach you how to do it yourself. Even if you use property sources, you need to understand the information they are presenting to you. You must be an informed buyer.

We hold regular property investment courses in Liverpool, London and LIVE online. See here for details

An Enviable Track Record over 16 Years in Distressed Assets

Here are a few examples of our track record sourcing properties in Liverpool for clients based worldwide and a bit closer to home in Merseyside. We have been doing this for property investors since 2008 and for ourselves much longer. Some are debt for assets swaps, call option properties, auctions and off-market through many of our contacts whom we have worked with for decades.

Some buy-to-let properties are already tenanted, others are now on the Tuna Fish Property guaranteed rent scheme, while Tuna Fish has refurbished others for clients following a Buy, Refurbish, Refinance and Rent (BRRR) property investment strategy.

Please call now to discuss your requirements. - 0151 705 9055

Amazon No.1 Bestseller

Second Edtition Published 21st March 2024

New property investment book for 2023 (2nd Edition published March 2024) written by Tuna Fish Property director and Head of Property Investment and Sourcing Liverpool

If you want to understand our track record, it's in the book going back to the financial crisis of 2008. There are many lessons and strategies which are applicable in 2023. Many of the properties we are sourcing for clients are of exceptional value. Please call us to discuss.

Whether you're completely new to property auctions and buy-to-let or a seasoned investor, Property Auctions: Repossessions, Bankruptcies and Bargain Properties contains the expert information, insight and guidance you need to improve your skill and profits in any market climate. Whatever your interest in property investment; whether you want a quick return or maybe to fund your retirement long-term, Property Auctions will give you the skills to achieve your financial goals, and not just in rising markets but all market conditions; rising, falling or stagnating.

Property Sourcing Liverpool

This book demystifies the acquisition of 'distressed' properties at auction and shows you how to make money whatever the economic weather. It brings together all of the key concepts that successful property auction investors focus on which, when combined, will give you a solid platform on which to base investment decisions.

The first part of the book details the tools and techniques to help you identify, analyse and filter properties, shortlisting your targets. The second part takes you through the actual viewing and buying process and the tactics involved to be successful.

Property Auctions also gives clear, concise and detailed guidance on raising finance and the auction legal process - two essential components of the journey which are key to success. All the principles are fully evidenced with real-world case-studies to show how the theory works in practice.

There is no better place to purchase below-market-value properties, whether to hold for the long-term or develop, add-value and sell.


Experts in Property Sourcing Liverpool

Property Sourcing Liverpool

Property sourcing is the process whereby an investor instructs a property investment company to research and acquire buy to let or development properties in return for a fee. Fees vary considerably and you should enquire at the outset and also ask to see a copy of the contract. You should not pay any fees upfront to a property sourcing company.

Tuna Fish Property sources buy to let Liverpool investment properties at property auctions, through receivers (bankruptcies), and off-market. We are also experts in distressed assets. We also have the team in place, including a mortgage/bridging advisor, to guide you through a Buy, Refurb, Refinance and Rent (BRRR) strategy. We do not use Rightmove, Zoopla or On the Market, the avenues open to almost anyone with a laptop or phone and rarely have the bargains serious investors look for.

We have been buying, developing, and selling distressed properties for 14 years and involved in on-market property investment opportunities long before that.

Tuna Fish Property now sources genuine below-market property deals for clients in the 'distressed market' Our recent acquisitions have been from corporates selling to raise funds and they wanted to do that quickly, as interest rates increased.

We usually source freehold houses requiring little work, as the costs of acquisition are a known quantity, but will also source leasehold apartments, if the deal is right, like the example below:

Liverpool Property Sourcing

Recent Example: November 2022.

Fully furnished Liverpool city centre studio apartment sourced for £25,000 and rents for £475 pcm, a gross yield of 23%

Experts in Property Sourcing Liverpool

The property on the left was a former illegal cannabis farm which we purchased for just £45,000 two years ago. Today, we would look to sell it for £110,000, an uplift of £65,000. It is presently being converted into serviced accommodation.

It's a great example of what we look for - something unusual which can offer value. As an investor, you are looking for 'problem properties' which deter the competition but can be fixed relatively quickly and inexpensively, adding significant value.

Repossessed Houses Sale in Liverpool

There are lots of bank-repossessed properties around if you know where to look. Sadly, the owners have long gone and the 'mortgagee in possession' is looking for a firm and reliable buyer. Often, these properties are auctioned, something we have considerable experience buying. Further details are here:

Property Auctions Liverpool

Liverpool Property Sourcing

Liverpool Property Sourcing

There is no need to travel to Liverpool or Wirral, as most of our buy to let non-UK Residents do not, as we provide a comprehensive investment report, including a video commentary of the property. If the property requires renovation, we can organise and project manage it, as your trusted partner on the ground.

After completion, Tuna Fish can market the property for rental and also provide a rental guarantee should you wish.

We can advise on solicitors, mortgage brokers, contractors, and insurance brokers and what you need to have in place to make the property legally compliant for the rental market. Further details are here: Letting Agents in Liverpool

Tuna Fish Property Sourcing Liverpool

  • Microsoft Teams initial meeting to discuss your property investment strategy and goals.
  • Search the market/off-market/word of mouth/auctions/receivers/contacts for suitable properties given the investment strategy discussed and refined.
  • View many properties inspecting the condition, with emphasis on the structure, windows, roof, floors, electrics, gas, damp and other significant factors.
  • Narrow down the choice and make recommendations, including photos and videos in addition to an investment appraisal.
  • Agree with you, the client, a ceiling price, whether in the off-market or at auction, given the investment appraisal.
  • Negotiate or bid on your behalf to the agreed price.
  • Liaise with solicitors, mortgage brokers, valuers/surveyors and contractors where necessary.
  • Drive the conveyancing process for a quick and efficient completion.
  • Where necessary, arrange for quotes for works after completion. Tuna Fish will also quote in our role as property developers. In both cases, we can project manage if you wish.
  • Post works, produce a snagging list for the contractor to make right BEFORE final payment.
  • A comprehensive lettings and property management plan, included in the sourcing fee (This alone is worth about £1,000):
    • Tuna Fish lettings board outside property
    • Listings on Zoopla and On The Market and other portals
    • E-mail to our database of prospective tenants
    • Accompanied viewings
    • Referencing, including Right to Rent and Rental Guarantee
    • Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) (Where required)
    • Gas certificate (Where required)
    • EPC (Where required)
    • Check-in and inventory

Tuna Fish will continue to manage the property if you wish. Our aim is to have a long-term relationship and help you to grow your portfolio.

Please contact us for further information and to arrange an initial phone call or Microsoft Teams meeting.

Property Sourcing Agent in Liverpool

Property Sourcing Liverpool FAQ

Liverpool Property Sourcing

Tuna Fish Property is a great believer in having a property investment strategy and defining it right at the start of the buy to let Liverpool journey.

There are many options, but it is best to have a sharp focus on which type of property will deliver your goals. Is it a HMO? A development opportunity? A flip, or building a sustainable long-term property investment portfolio?

These are all areas we can discuss on Zoom, in order to clearly define your plan for successful property investment in Liverpool

Property Development

This property which is in a good part of Liverpool was sourced for a retained client at a remarkable price - the large house is about 2000 sq ft and the overall cost is an incredible £48 per sq ft.

We have a number of options - flats or a large HMO - and there is a good plot of land at the rear. Tuna Fish Property will undertake the works and then let and manage the property for the client.

If property development is your preferred property investment strategy, then please arrange a call with our head of property sourcing.

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