Property Management Liverpool and Wirral

Maximise Your Investment

Whether you live in a purpose-built block of flats, a converted building or on a mixed use estate, we are able to tailor our management services to suit your needs. We can provide a single point of contact for your Liverpool property management requirements and make use of our local contractors, with whom we've worked with for many years. They provide a quick response in emergencies and also cost effective property management in Liverpool and Wirral..

Asset Management

Good property management not only keeps your tenants happy and more likely to remain long-term, but also maintains and enhances your property's value.

Emergencies arise, a boiler fails, a roof leaks, an electrical fault materialises which all require a swift response, but routine planned maintenance should be scheduled to keep on top of the property which does result in savings over the long-term.

Property management is about reducing the risk to your tenants and their visitors whilst ensuring that your investment does not depreciate in value, but appreciates.

Tenant and Property Safety

The primary purpose of good property management is to keep your tenants safe. Nothing is a greater priority. There is no issue higher up the list than fire safety and Tuna Fish has extensive experience in this area whether in Liverpool block management or individual freehold houses.

We undertake weekly fire alarm testing, inspections of escape routes, as well as monthly emergency lighting tests. We organise fire risk assessments and twice yearly servicing and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

Keep Costs Low

Tuna Fish can provide property management in Liverpool which covers all aspects of building and property maintenance, including:

  • Electrical (incl. EICRs, Re-wires)
  • Gas and plumbing
  • Building works, painting and decorating
  • Carpeting and flooring
  • Gardening
  • Professional cleaning

Net Income

Buy to Let investors should never lose sight of the fact that they are running a business, the aim of which is to produce profit, in terms of income and capital growth.

Net income, which should be the focus for a property investor, is simply rent minus costs. Good rent management can see this increase over time, whilst focus should also be on minimising costs. One of the largest components of costs is property maintenance and management.

Choose your letting agent well, not just on headline fees such as tenant sourcing, referencing, check-in and monthly management charges, but also their access to quality, reliable professionals who offer value for money, thus adding to your net income, not theirs.

Remember, the aim of property management is to make your tenants home safe and comfortable whilst at the same time increasing your net income over time and producing a solid return on your Liverpool buy to let investment.