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Property Investment and Sourcing Liverpool

Tuna Fish are your experts in buy to let property investment/ buy, refurb, refinance, rent (BRRR) and property sourcing in Liverpool. We both develop and source rental properties for clients.

Repossessed and bargain properties are sourced at auction, something we have been doing successfully for 14 years. Recent success stories are on this site. We are here to guide you through the maze and lead you to success.

Property Management Liverpool

Efficient and speedy property management in Liverpool is essential to protect the tenant, landlord and to maintain the value of the investment property. Asset management enhances owner value and is a key component of property investment success.

We have our own team of experienced contractors who aim to keep your operating costs low, enhancing return on investment.

Property Investment Training London and Liverpool

Tuna Fish Property holds property investment workshops in London and Liverpool for investors who want to understand how to buy distressed assets, which are properties significantly below market value.

These workshops are suitable for investors wishing to hold, develop, flip or BRRR. They are also suitable for property sourcing agents and packagers

Property Investment Liverpool


Distressed Assets

There has not been a better time in the past 16 years to invest in buy to let property in Liverpool and other Liverpool property investment strategies such as Buy, Renovate, Refinance and Rent (BRRR). We see more and more distressed assets off-market or at auction daily. Owners needing a sale now, bankruptcies, repossessions and other bargain property.

As in 2008/2009, as others sell, the astute investor buys.


Landlords - Increase Your Income Now!

Contact us now for a no-obligation, free consultation about how Tuna Fish Property will increase your Liverpool buy to let income in 2024. No ifs, no buts, we will increase your income. If we cannot reduce your letting agent fees significantly, we will fully manage your Liverpool investment property FOR FREE for 12 months and include a FREE guaranteed rent Liverpool. That's how confident we are about saving you money. There is no risk and it's free.

Selling Property at Auction - Nationwide

Tuna Fish Property is an expert in buying and selling property at auction. Over the years, we have bought and sold hundreds of properties and have written the Amazon No.1 bestselling book about property auctions.

We have a nationwide service to guide and assist you in selling your property at the best possible price at auction. We will recommend the auction house, as well as a guide and reserve price. We also have expert solicitors to create the legal pack. You will receive the cash within 28 days.

Further details are here: selling property at auction

"Don't think twice about doing this course, it's gold standard and fantastic value for money, it's s no brainer."

Sonia M

“I've been with Dom and his team since 2021, and have been extremely pleased with his advice, guidance, and property expertise. I've made 3 property purchases so far, with more to come in due course, the best so far being…

J Richards

​I attended the one-day training (purely by accident) on 25th November 2023 after coming across Dominic's book Property Auctions: Repossessions, Bankruptcies and Bargain Properties: The Expert's Guide To Success In All Market Conditions (which is an excellent read). A couple of…

J Khan

I attended the Tuna Fish Property/Distressed Assets property course in London 25th November 2023. I had never attended a property seminar before, however, I had been wanting to invest in property for a while and had never been sure what…

A Rosenthal

"I moved to Tuna Fish Property when having issues with purple bricks. The experience has been great and I cannot recommend them enough. Communication and transparency are what sets them apart. Natalia oversaw renovating my house and getting a tenant…

Adewale Omobayo

"Moved to Tuna Fish from a large "established" managing agent who had been lazy and inefficient (at best). I needed someone honest, knowledgeable, and effective with values I respect. You can rely on Tuna Fish, they won't let you down"

John Mayo

"I have used Tuna Fish Property for letting my property for over 15 months now and am extremely happy with them and their service. Letting of any property for a small landlord can be daunting but I have personally found…

SB, Property Investor

"Natalia was really wonderful throughout our tenancy. We never faced any issues with TFP and they have always been available whenever we needed them. Thank you for being wonderful."

Prabhakar Yashaswi Mudda

Very efficient agency and you feel more like you have a friend than an agent.

Kristina Sosic

"The company has purchased seven properties through Tuna Fish. Two in L3, one in L9, two in L13, one in L34 and one in WA9. We bought the first one 8 years ago and have added since as the opportunities have…

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Property Sourcing Liverpool

"I bought my first-ever BRRR deal with Dom in October 2023. I found him via his website and felt drawn to the concept of truly BMV properties. Dom was so helpful throughout the process. He viewed the property for me, secured the price pre-auction, and helped me throughout the conveyancing and insurance process. I bought the property for 75k and just got it revalued at 115k after 6 months, a 50%+ return. I've not done any work to the property, and the existing tenant is long-term and has looked after the property well.

I highly recommend Dom's services. As a London-based investor, it's so useful to have that local expertise in Liverpool and someone on the ground to view, make offers, and have pre-existing relationships with the auction houses. Once I refinance and build up some capital, I'll definitely be back!

K.P. (London)

"I've been with Dom and his team since 2021, and have been extremely pleased with his advice, guidance, and property expertise. I've made 3 property purchases through Dom so far, with more to come in due course, the best so far being a purchase for £65,000 valued during raising a mortgage a few months later at £95,000, with no renovation being required!

I foolishly initially started my journey into property investment in Liverpool through some London agents, backed by several visits to Liverpool and paper investigation. The agents presented themselves very well, and had a good story to tell, but my experience with them has been fraught with issues and a great deal of post-purchase stress. All were near disasters and took a lot of work to recover from.

Contrast that with my experience with Dom, where all my investments have been successful, and with none of the post-purchase drama and stress associated with the London agents.

Dom has a killer combination of skills.

He has very strong local knowledge, strong academics (and more importantly years of subsequent practical experience of successful property investment), which has led to successful investments for me. He has a way to cut through the noise and speak plainly and with focus, and has been a real pleasure to work with.

I look forward to further investments under his guidance."

J.R. (Guildford, Surrey)

Property Investment Liverpool

Tuna Fish and associated companies have been buying Liverpool investment properties at auction or distressed assets through receivers for many years. We started with the opportunities presented by the 'Credit Crunch' in 2008. Properties were acquired in London, Leeds and Liverpool for clients with huge capital gains and income over the subsequent 14 years.

Buy to Let Liverpool

Later, buy to let properties have been acquired solely in Merseyside and Wirral, from 5 storey, city centre office blocks, to traditional '2 up, 2 down' bread and butter terraced houses.

Buy, Refurbish, Refinance and Rent (BRRR)

Tuna Fish Property has the team in place to guide you successfully through a buy, refurbish, refinance and rent (BRRR) property investment strategy.

Property Sourcing Liverpool

Property sourcing Liverpool at auction is a tried and tested route to acquiring excellent investment properties at significant discounts to market value. Other than through receivers and administrators, there is no better way to buy and as UK economic circumstances change, bargains at property auctions will increase, rather than decrease and there are many repossessed houses for sale, and other properties. Today is an exciting time to be involved in Liverpool property investment.

Let us be your guide. Now is the time for action. There has never been a better time to invest in Liverpool property!

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Property Management Liverpool

Letting Agents Liverpool

At Tuna Fish Property we believe the property owner should keep as much of the rent as possible. Letting agents Liverpool, Tuna Fish Property offers excellent value for money for clients, leaving you to decide how to spend your hard earn cash as the cost of living in the UK rises. We are based in Liverpool but do not have expensive city centre offices, branded cars and the huge costs of high street agents which you pay for with high fees. We offer:

Guaranteed Rent Liverpool

£295 for a fully referenced tenant to the standard of a guaranteed rent Liverpool option should you wish to take it. As we are moving into a deeper recession, this is something we advise in order to protect your income.

7.95% fully managed. This is exactly the same service as you would expect from a much more expensive agent, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Property Investment Courses UK

Our next Property Investment and Sourcing Workshop in London and LIVE ONLINE is Saturday 6th July 2024. For details are here - Property Investment Courses UK

Property Auctions Liverpool

Amazon No.1 Bestseller

Tuna Fish Property director and head of property investment and sourcing, has written a new book for the changing market in 2024. He sees parallels with the incredible opportunities after the Credit Crunch and the financial crisis of 2008/2009.

The book, now in its 2nd Edition, details how to find 'distressed assets' and then filter and analyse them. It is illustrated throughout with real-life examples from 2008 all the way through to 2024 and gives invaluable property investment advice.

If you want to learn how to buy below-market value, repossessed properties at auction, then the book will show you how. If you do not have the time to do it, we can help you.

The book was inspired by the pack we send property sourcing Liverpool clients of our personal property investment deals, and also those for clients. It's 63,000 words and 265 pages of our track record.

Call us today on 0151 705 9055 or e-mail Dominic directly at dominic@tunafishproperty.co.uk to discuss options.

Buy the book from Amazon


About Tuna Fish Property

Tuna Fish is a family owned business, focused on ensuring clients' properties are let, with few voids, at maximum rent, in order maximise returns. Our letting agents Liverpool fees are below average and are negotiated with landlords according to their specific requirements. There's a no 'one size fits all' letting agent fees Liverpool structure. We also have a market-leading guaranteed rent Liverpool should buy to let property investors wish to protect their income from unforeseen issues, such as unemployment.

We inspect regularly, liaise, and communicate with our tenants and ensure that costs are kept to a minimum through efficient and effective property management. Tuna Fish also manages freehold blocks throughout Liverpool and Wirral with a focus on minimising service charges to leaseholders. We also advise leaseholders on Right to Manage and other issues which arise through poor service charge management or blatant over-charging.

Without tenants, we have no business. Tuna Fish spends considerable time ensuring that our tenants are content, as a happy tenant remains in the property for many years and looks after it. Our approach benefits not only the tenant, but the buy-to-let property investor in lower maintenance costs and shorter or no voids. When tenants move property, due to a larger family, for instance, they ask to remain within the Tuna Fish family. Our tenant retention is excellent.

Tuna Fish also offers a fixed fee property sales service utilising our experience of the Liverpool and Wirral property markets to the benefit of clients. There are no hidden costs, all viewings are accompanied, there is no exclusivity or tie-in and marketing is via Zoopla, On The Market and other channels. Compared to High Street estate agents in Liverpool and Wirral, the cost savings are huge! See here to compare agent fees

Tuna Fish is an expert in Liverpool buy-to-let property investment. We can source excellent high-income-producing investment properties either from a family property development business or through the open market, off-market or through local and national property auctions. Tuna Fish also undertakes property renovation and refurbishment in Liverpool and Wirral and has off-market opportunities available - Renovation property for sale Liverpool

We have a large client base of Non-UK resident landlords and are well-versed in long-distance relationships and assisting with all property-related matters through our virtual office service. Our Non-UK resident clients trust us to manage their affairs and as such continue to invest with us, year in and year out.

Take The Tuna Fish 2024 Challenge And Drive Your Investment Returns

Contact us today by filling in the form below and we will undertake, for free, a review of your Liverpool property investment strategy, existing portfolio and scope for rent reviews and also how we can reduce costs, thereby increasing your net monthly income to spend on your priorities. Active management is more profitable than passive non-management. Accept the challenge today, we will increase your net monthly income.

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