Welcome to YOUR New Home

You may have seen one of our boards or other advertisements and wondered what we are about. You may have been sent in our direction by one of your work colleagues, family or friends.

Tuna Fish is a family run business, not a high street chain. In many respects that allows us to be flexible and creative in what we offer, as there is no head office with a big book of rules telling us what we can and can't do. So whatever your circumstances, we are here to help.

Our properties are generally recently refurbished, have modern kitchens and bathrooms and we provide integrated or stand alone cookers, fridges, fridge freezers and washing machines. A few things you have less to worry about. In the main these appliances are only a few years old or in some cases brand new.

Tenant Safety

Our Number One priority at Tuna Fish is your safety. Your home will be fully compliant with the latest regulations and you will be given copies of the certificates. If you live in one of our managed blocks, you will hear the fire alarm tested every single week.

Repairs and Maintenance

We have a superb team dedicated to making your home as comfortable as possible. Emergency repairs are just that and someone will respond as quickly as possible. Other repairs and maintenance will be done in a timely manner. It is in everyone's interest, you, the landlord (which may be us) and Tuna Fish to ensure you're happy in your home and remain with us for many years.

Report a repair here

It's a team effort and I can assure you that you are part of the team.

Contact us today for the latest availability. We have a low 'churn rate' and when properties become vacant, they are snapped up, so don't delay and we would be most grateful if you wished to join us.