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UK property hotspots asking prices up 20% in a year in Toxteth Liverpool

Saturday 9th October 2021

UK property hotspots asking prices up 20% in a year in Toxteth Liverpool I thought this piece (link at the bottom) in today's newspaper was worth bringing to your attention, even at the weekend. As many on this mailing list know, property prices in…

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Liverpool Off-Market Freehold Apartment Blocks For Sale 10%+ Yield

Thursday 7th October 2021

Off-Market Freehold Apartment Blocks This week's newsletter will look at some excellent and rare investment opportunities in Liverpool and also consider how local knowledge is crucial to long-term success. Liverpool Property Investment We have five off-market freehold blocks of flats for sale on behalf of one owner. These are, in my view,…

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Booming Sales and Rentals - Keep An Eye On Inflation!

Thursday 23rd September 2021

Good morning I would like to look at two topics in this newsletter: 1. Merseyside and Wirral sales and lettings market 2. Inflation and interest rates Merseyside and Wirral Property Markets Undoubtedly, both the sales and lettings markets in the region are, hot, to use a popular word applied to a market which is rising quickly or is showing increasing demand at a rapid rate. I regularly receive e-mails and telephone…

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Investment Property in Liverpool - Location, Rent and Letting Agents

Sunday 25th July 2021

As the property market in Liverpool and Wirral springs back to life, it's worth focussing on what attracts tenants to a property at market leading rents. Property Location Undoubtedly, as ever, location of the property is important, but, in our experience, not critical. As a buy to let investor, you should focus firstly on where demand from tenants is, not necessarily demand from buyers. They are two entirely separate markets. The fact that you may not wish to live in a particular area, does not mean that other people do…

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