Liverpool Property Investment - Buy to Let 2021

Liverpool Property Investment - Buy to Let 2021

Saturday 10th July 2021

Liverpool Property Investment - Buy to Let Liverpool 2021

If you are reading the Tuna Fish blog, then you probably understand the benefits of investing in UK property with its strong legal system, 5th largest economy in the world and a nationwide love of property.

An Englishman's and woman's home is their castle. A phrase many of us grew up with and is at the heart of the British 'love affair' with property.

Liverpool property investment is particularly attractive being the strongest performing UK market in 2020 and properties which produce a healthy net cash return every month. What makes property so special?

1. As a means to creating wealth, Liverpool property investment features high on any list. The world's richest people keep their money in property and land. Property investment, or residential buy-to-let is not just the pastime of the British. A majority of clients at Tuna Fish are Non-UK Resident Landlords. They live overseas, invest in Liverpool property and leave the rest to us.

2. Money can be made in both a rising and falling market. The best example of this was 2008. As markets collapsed, so did property prices. Apartments selling through receivers and administrators in London are now worth three times as much. Patience is richly rewarded when investing in property.

3. Unlike stock market investing, you have a high degree of control over the asset. You control it, not a faceless trader or CEO of a large corporation. It's important to place the management of your property with someone you can trust.

4. Property investment is easy to understand & professional advisors can assist with the more technical aspects such as conveyancing, tax and obtaining finance if required. At Tuna Fish we help all of our clients from the original purchase, through the conveyancing process, completion and then lettings and management.

5. We all need somewhere to live so property will not go out of fashion. As populations grow, the housing stock does not grow with it, leading to scarcity, hence rising values and rents.

6. Property can be leveraged and bought with the aid of a mortgage. A deposit of say £20,000 can give you access to an asset worth much more. Any rise in value is based on the entire asset value, not the deposit.

7. Investment property in Liverpool and Wirral can be used to store your cash and is a hedge against inflation and turbulence. But as ever, it's important to have the property let and producing a regular income, otherwise it becomes a cashflow drain.

8. When choosing to invest in property, selection is more important than timing. Professional advisors such as Tuna Fish, with decades of experience, can assist. Just give us a call.

9. It's important to conduct sensitivity analysis on a property's cashflow. If your monthly costs are in excess of monthly income, then it's not an investment.

10. Property can be purchased for less than it's worth. Using revaluation techniques, an investor can use an existing portfolio to buy more properties.

11. Repossessed or distressed property can be purchased from property auctions, banks, administrators and receivers at bargain prices. This is an area of expertise at Tuna Fish having purchased countless number of properties this way. We can assist you to purchase properties at bargain prices.

12. Economic history tells us that UK property prices rise consistently over the long-term, as do rents.

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