Welcome to the Liverpool Property Investment Blog. In our new blog, Tuna Fish will endeavour to offer insights into Liverpool buy-to-let property investment as well as lettings and property management. Successful property investing starts with the acquisition; get that right and everything else falls into place. It's at this stage expert advice is crucial.

Having purchased the property you need to get it into a lettable condition. Though there are many superb contractors out there, some are not and guidance at this stage is very important in terms of price, reliability and quality of work.

The next stage is letting the property. If you acquired the right property having taken advice from an agent such as Tuna Fish, then it will tenant quickly and the cash will begin to flow. This is not the end, as good, professional property management ensures your costs are kept low and the value of the asset is protected.

Enjoy the Liverpool Property Investment blog.

78 Tenant Enquiries For Just One Flat!

Saturday 12th June 2021

78 tenant enquiries for a one bedroom flat in Kirkdale, Liverpool The photo above is not a stock photo, but is a screenshot of our system which shows 78 enquiries for a one bedroom flat in Kirkdale, Liverpool. This is an incredible level of demand…

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Diary of a Tuna Fish

Wednesday 9th June 2021

Diary of a Tuna Fish Busy few days. Fire Safety I accompanied new fire safety/risk assessment employee as he was trained by our fire…

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I'm A Landlord, Get Me Out Of Here!

Saturday 5th June 2021

I'm a Landlord, Get Me Out of Here! In recent weeks, Tuna Fish has received thirty or forty enquiries from landlords who wish to move agent. In many cases, this is the first time that they have read and digested the property management agreements they signed up to, some…

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7 Buy to Let Success Factors – Tuna Fish Property

Saturday 17th April 2021

1. Understand yourself and why you are investing in buy-to-let property. Identify your goals and set a strategy, in line with current economic and property market cycles. Many investors have an income strategy, some rely on the cash every month to fund…

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Lettings Agency Fees, Liverpool and Wirral

Saturday 27th March 2021

Letting Agents' Fees Liverpool and Wirral - A Minefield Choosing your letting agent, whether in Liverpool, Wirral or elsewhere, will determine the…

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Liverpool Property Investment - Buy to Let

Wednesday 24th March 2021

If you are reading the Tuna Fish blog, then you probably understand the benefits of investing in UK property with its strong legal system, 5th largest economy in the world and a nationwide love…

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