Diary of a Tuna Fish June 2021

Diary of a Tuna Fish June 2021

Wednesday 9th June 2021

Diary of a Tuna Fish June 2021

Busy few days.

Fire Safety

I accompanied the new Tuna Fish fire safety/risk assessment employee as he was trained by our fire alarm company on all the fire systems in the buildings which we own and/or manage in Liverpool and Wirral. A very long day, but this key requirement of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and The Housing Act 2004 is sometimes overlooked by some landlords and block managers.

I can think of a few where Tuna Fish has leasehold apartments under management where 'we' do not own the freehold and the fire alarm panel is in permanent fault. Clearly, we report these occurrences to the management company and the authorities.

But who is doing the weekly fire alarm testing and monthly emergency lighting tests? The leaseholders are being invoiced for it. Playing with fire literally, and lives are at stake.

The buildings in question are now subject to a Right to Manage (RTM) process which we at Tuna Fish have coordinated. Additionally, the service charge fees are excessive and the leaseholders have had enough!

You may be interested in a later blog dated 9th July 2021 on a similar theme Fire Safety

Property Renovations

Today, we responded to enquiries for our lettings and property management service, mainly from Non-UK Resident investors, then had a meeting on-site where we are renovating 7 apartments readying them to let. Demand from prospective tenants is very high, enquiries on a flat in Bootle for instance were about 70 plus.

It's very important to obtain at least a couple of quotes. We do our own work, so it doesn't really impact us, but we have been asked to provide comparative quotes and I can't think of an occasion where we were beaten. The advice is, don't go with the first quote for works you get, be patient and obtain others.

High Demand for Rental Property

We advertised a 4 bedroom house in L18 on Sunday, had 18 enquiries and let it on Tuesday, such is the demand at present in Liverpool and Wirral for quality properties across the whole spectrum of the market from a 1 bedroom flat in Bootle to large houses in L18 and L23.

Tuna Fish is very happy to help you with any aspect of your property investment buy-to-let strategy, whether acquiring quality, great value properties or lettings and property management, or both.

Give us a call or e-mail.