Property Investment Liverpool - Off-Market Buy to Let Opportunities

Property Investment Liverpool - Off-Market Buy to Let Opportunities

Thursday 12th January 2023

Property Investment Liverpool - Off-Market Buy-to-Let Opportunities

2023 has started as 2022 ended - very busy and it will continue to be as property investment deals in Liverpool and Wirral present themselves due to the economy and rising interest rates.

Many buy-to-let investors and corporates are over-leveraged and will be selling properties quickly to raise cash and reduce debt.

I am presently putting together an offer for myself for a property investment in Liverpool where the owner has debt that is being demanded or called in. We will pay the debt and costs and take the property. The owner escapes court action, the lender is satisfied and we acquire a property substantially below market value with the potential to add value by developing it.

It truly is a time of opportunity for the astute investor.

Off-Market Property Investment Liverpool

I do want to throw some caution into the mix. I receive e-mails, probably like you, from property agents offering 'off-market' property investment opportunities. I have yet to see any which are of any value, other than to the estate agent or landlord.

By definition, if you are receiving an e-mail as part of a mailing list, then it's not 'off-market' it's just another market with a false marketing strapline. I saw one over Christmas which is in an area I know extremely well, indeed we own blocks in the same area. If it was published on a website at the price offered 'off-market' you would fall off your chair laughing. Beware!

Off-market is when you receive a phone call from the seller directly or a solicitor/accountant on their behalf and only you consider an offer before it's passed to someone else if the deal does not happen. The rest is just marketing.

The next property auctions for buy to let Liverpool are 6th and 16th of February and we already have a number of you on the list. If you want to participate, then please give me a call, or send an e-mail. We also have a recommended mortgage broker if you need any financial advice.

Here's to a cracking 2023. As Warren Buffett famously said, "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful"

Best wishes

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