Astute Property Investors Bagging Bargains in 2023

Astute Property Investors Bagging Bargains in 2023

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Astute Property Investors Bagging Bargains in 2023

I can't think of a period in the past 10 years or so when we have been this busy, whether off market deals, property auctions or renovation/refurbishment projects. There are many astute property investors who have been sitting on the side lines and have chosen now to enter the market.

We had more success last week, acquiring a buy to let property for a client in an excellent rental area at a terrific price. These '2 up, 2 down' terraced houses are the bread and butter of any long-term property strategy. The advantages are many:

1. Complete control. You make all the decisions.
2. No ground rent.
3. No service charges.
4. No increasing service charges!

This type of property is the target of most seasoned and new investors alike and selection is the key. There are many factors we take into account, and prefer properties that are slightly off the radar of others. This may be location, condition, present rental values, and the odd legal challenge.

Some people are exiting the market, some are adjusting their portfolios and new entrants are hunting bargains.

Global interest in Liverpool Property Investment

We are presently selling an off-market block of three apartments to an investor in Thailand and visiting a large apartment in Liverpool city centre this morning to finalise a quote on a renovation for an investor in Saudi Arabia. We have just received an off-market opportunity of a freehold block of flats from an investor in South Africa. The market for Liverpool investment property is truly global. Outside London, there aren't many cities in the UK with this truly global appeal.

Many of the off-market deals are from investors who need cash now, not in three to six months. Not every country had the generous lockdown handouts we had in UK, and these 'motivated sellers' are using cash invested here to settle debts and other commitments at home.

Whether off-market deals, such as the freehold block of flats, or forthcoming property auctions, if you want to have a chat about the opportunities, then please drop me an e-mail. We can also renovate/manage the property for you, should that be required.

Buy to Let Mortgages

There is a new article on the website written by Amy about buy to let mortgages. This is an area we can also help you should you need advice. As this is an authorised area, it will not be me advising you, but Josh, who is an excellent and innovative mortgage advisor.

The short article is here buy to let mortgages.

Lettings and Property Management Liverpool

• Tenant sourcing, fully referenced by Let Alliance is £149.

• Full-management is 8% and we can offer a rental guarantee.

Enjoy the rest of the week and if we can help you with anything, please e-mail me directly at

Property Sourcing Liverpool