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We are landlords ourselves and understand completely why you invest in property and what you expect from those you trust to manage your investments. For most people, property investment is their only source of income, for others an additional source and others their pension. For these reasons it must work efficiently.

Tuna Fish also offers a market-leading Rental Guarantee to give you complete peace of mind, particularly in turbulent times, with lockdown and furlough impacting both landlords and tenants.

Property Renovation and Refurbishment Liverpool and Wirral

Tuna Fish undertakes both small and large-scale property renovation and refurbishment projects in Liverpool and Wirral. Please contact us for a quote.

Your Investment Return Has 3 Factors:

  • Capital Appreciation - buying right in the first place and asset management through the life cycle of the property through good management.
  • Rent - active rent management through regular rent reviews. Good tenant sourcing and management.
  • Operating Costs - fees paid to management companies, voids, insurance, repairs, maintenance, service charges, ground rent, mortgages (where applicable) etc. In our experience over the years at Tuna Fish and letting and managing our own properties, control of costs is the key component of the 3 factors, other than buying right in the first place. If you buy a property with very high service charges, it will always be difficult to make it work financially. The remedy is Right to Manage which is something we can help you with.

Lettings Agent Liverpool

Additionally, many high street lettings and property management companies have substantial overheads. These overheads must be covered with fees. It's business and appropriate and nothing wrong with it. But, high street agents' fees impact your profit or net cashflow. To improve your return on investment, you need to reduce the outflows, in this case fees.

How can Tuna Fish help?

Tuna Fish does not have a set fee structure, unlike most agents. We believe every client is different, their property or properties are different and therefore their needs are different. We have no doubt that we can better the fee structure you are presently paying. Additionally, we would review the rent and other costs with the aim of increasing your net income to spend in the way you wish, rather than on costs.

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A Personal Approach

Staff and directors at Tuna Fish know all of our landlords very well and are available throughout the day to discuss any matters arising, whether programmed maintenance, rent reviews, landlord licensing or any other issue they may have.

Many Tuna Fish clients build their portfolios with us whether as individuals, groups, companies or commercial pension funds.

We have decades of experience and are also landlords ourselves. And as a family run business, we do not have the constraints others may have in terms of fees and other issues.

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