Investment Property For Sale Liverpool

Tuna Fish Property is an expert property sourcing company in Liverpool specialising in distressed assets - repossessed houses for sale, other repossessed property, probate sales, bankruptcies and below market value buy to let properties.

We source properties as low as £5,000 to large developments where the developer has gone into receivership. The Tuna Fish Property team has extensive expertise and experience finding and analysing opportunities for astute investors.

Investment Property For Sale Liverpool

The process begins with a telephone call or Zoom to discuss strategy:

  • Type of property
  • Purpose of property
  • Financing the property
  • Adding value
  • Flip or long-term letting

As a result of the aims and strategy meeting, we'll make a plan.

Property Sourcing Liverpool

Tuna Fish Property does not request any fees upfront. This is important, as property sourcing companies should be paid on results, not the promise of results.

We often have off-market investment opportunities in Liverpool which are genuine. This means that we are the ONLY sales agent and YOU are the only client. There is no 'e-mail list' or WhatsApp group. Just us, you, and the seller.

Investment Property For Sale Liverpool

Liverpool property investment is straightforward.

We agree on a strategy, then we begin the search. Like any city, there are investible areas and those which should be avoided. We favour freehold houses, but if you can purchase a leasehold apartment for 50% or more below market value for a quick sale, then why not consider it?

We need to be flexible and consider every opportunity on its merits and how we can add value through renovation/refurbishment or solving problems, such as legal issues.

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Please contact us for further information and to arrange an initial phone call or Zoom meeting.