Buy to Let Property Investment in Liverpool - Repossessions

Buy to Let Property Investment in Liverpool - Repossessions

Monday 23rd January 2023

Buy to Let Property Investment in Liverpool - Repossessions

What is a repossessed property?

A repossessed property describes a situation where a property owner has defaulted on a loan secured on the property and the bank or loan company takes back control and sells the property to recover the debt. In many situations, but not all, these properties present an excellent property investment for the astute buy-to-let investor.

Am I adding to the misery of the family or owner?

No. Sadly by the time the property is placed on the market, mainly through property auctions, the owner or family have long since left the property.

Where can I find repossessed houses for sale in Liverpool?

Repossessed properties are available from some estate agents, but are also sold at auction. In our experience, property auctions are the best way to buy these types of properties as the process is more transparent and much quicker than through an estate agent.

One of the main issues with buying through an estate agent is that you are susceptible to being gazumped by a higher offer. Additionally, some agencies are not as transparent as others and you may have the best bid, but still not get the property. This is less common these days, but it still happens.

Property Sourcing Companies - Liverpool

You may find that companies like Tuna Fish Property, which has extensive experience of buying and sourcing repossessed property will be able to help you, not just with the acquisition, but the renovation, refurbishment, and letting and property management.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you invest in properties that are substantially below market value with high rental yields.

Why Buy Repossessed Property in Liverpool?