Why Choose Us For Lettings in Liverpool?

  • Reason One: Just £149 to source a fully referenced tenant
  • Reason Two: Much Lower Fees Than High Street Letting Agents
  • Reason Three: 7.95% fully managed
  • Reason Four: Good Property Management Drives Value
  • Reason Five: 18 months' Rent Guarantee
  • Reason Six: 6 Monthly Rent Reviews
  • Reason Seven: Tenant Retention is Very High
  • Reason Eight: A Winning Proposition for Tenants and Landlords


Liverpool Letting Agents

Your rental property is your home and Tuna Fish will ensure that it is a safe environment and one which will be a sanctuary for you, your partner, and family in a very uncertain world.

Our properties all have modern kitchens and bathrooms and are maintained to a very high standard. They are safe and you will be given copies of all the regulatory certificates for peace of mind.

Any maintenance issues will be dealt with immediately by our team of experienced contractors who we have worked with for many years. They are 100% trustworthy and are dedicated to ensuring your property meets our very high standards.

You have a dedicated mobile telephone number to ring for any repairs and maintenance issues. Our tenants stay with us for a very long time, some forever, and some of those who move, move to a property managed by use.


Liverpool Letting Agents

We are landlords ourselves and own properties in the very blocks that we manage and where many of our clients have also invested. We understand landlords, because we are landlords, not a high street corporate lettings agency.

Our mission is simple: Maximise your returns.

We do not do this at the expense of the tenant, but we all work together where everyone benefits. Happy tenants, inevitably feed into the bottom line and as such our hands-on approach works.

Tuna Fish does not believe in a one-size-fits-all all fee structure and therefore, we offer a bespoke service according to your needs and requirements, not ours. We work in partnership with you to ensure your property or portfolio achieves its true potential.

Many landlords have been with us for many years and have expanded their portfolios with us. For a free review of your investment strategy, including a rent and costs review, please contact us.

For further details please see Liverpool Landlords and general advice best letting agents Liverpool