Best Letting Agents Liverpool - What to Look For?

Best Letting Agents Liverpool - What to Look For?

Thursday 22nd December 2022

Best Letting Agents Liverpool

I am sure any letting agent would say they are amongst the best letting agents in Liverpool or any other city in the UK for that matter. You can read reviews, some of which will be genuine, others not, but there are a few fundamental indicators:

1. Letting Agent Fees Liverpool

The disparity between letting agents in Liverpool fees is stark. Sourcing a fully referenced tenant can be as high as a month's rent or even more. That's a huge chunk of money, particularly when buy-to-let property investors are under attack from all sides during this cost of living crisis.

Tenant Find Liverpool

Tuna Fish Property, a member of UKALA, can source a fully referenced tenant for just £149. The referencing is undertaken by Let Alliance and we can also provide a rental guarantee for your peace of mind. You will find this hard to beat in terms of value for money, not just in Liverpool, but anywhere else in the UK.

Fully managed

Many letting agents charge incredibly high fees for fully managing a property. It's hard to justify these high fees, other than greed. So it's worth asking the question, 'Why are your fees so high?'

Tuna Fish Property will fully manage your property for 7.95%.

2. Communication

Sometimes it's difficult to get hold of the person in charge, particularly if you have an issue or want some advice. Clients of Tuna Fish Property have the director's personal mobile telephone number. Some clients, particularly new ones, coming to us from another agency where they have had a bad experience, are reassured by this level of access.

3. Hidden Costs

Check the small print of your letting agents' Liverpool contract. Beware of the hidden costs and also the tie-in.

If you would like to discuss any of this, for your buy to let property in Liverpool, then please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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