Distressed Property UK - The Property Investment Strategy for 2023

Distressed Property UK - The Property Investment Strategy for 2023

Saturday 20th May 2023

Distressed Property UK

Distressed property in the UK refers to properties in a state of financial distress (mortgage default, divorce, probate, the owner needs quick cash) or significant repairs, refurbishment or renovation. These properties are typically sold at a lower price than similar properties (below market value) and sometimes in better condition.

The term "distressed property" can apply to various residential, commercial, or industrial properties and developments under an LPA Receiver's or administrator's control.

There are a few ways you can find distressed properties in Liverpool:

Online listings:

Several websites specialise in listing distressed properties in the UK. These platforms often provide details about the property's condition, the reason for distress (such as repossession), and contact information for the seller or the agent representing the property.

Property Auctions:

Distressed properties are frequently sold at property auctions. Auction houses regularly hold property auctions across the UK, where potential buyers can bid on distressed and other properties. It's essential to research the investment properties beforehand and be prepared to act quickly during the auction process and to understand how to buy a property at auction

Dominic Farrell's best-selling book, 'Property Auctions: Repossessions, Bankruptcies and Bargain Properties' is an excellent source of advice on how to find, analyse and then bid on distressed properties.

Estate agents:

Some estate agents specialise in distressed properties and may have listings or information on properties that need renovation or are being sold under distressed circumstances. Contacting local estate agents, like Tuna Fish Property in Liverpool, and expressing your interest in distressed properties could potentially lead to finding suitable property investment opportunities.

Property Sourcing Agents

Experienced property sourcing agents can fast-track your buy-to-let acquisition of distressed assets and guide you through the maze of property investment. Companies such as Tuna Fish Property have been assisting clients for over a decade and source properties in Liverpool and Wirral, undertakes any renovation, then let the property and manages it for clients.

Read our Property Sourcing Liverpool page and our track record. We can help, so please contact us for a free consultation by phone or Zoom.

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